Computer protection

Using InfoTouch in your public kiosks you can protect the operating system from unwanted access and modification by unauthorized users. The user cannot exit the program and is allowed to move only within bounds defined by the administrator.

infokiosk watchdog

Most important features:

  • Starts automatically in full screen mode
  • Hides the desktop
  • Allows for Shell replacement
  • Disables registry editor and command line
  • Hides all drives
  • Hides task bar and desktop icons
  • Disables keyboard shortcuts and pop-up windows
  • Blocks execution of defined applications
  • Dedicated modules display Web sites, PDFs (including files from the Internet), send and receive e-mails, display photos, play video, and open text files
  • Restricts surfing area
  • Hides address bar, tabs and navigation buttons in the Web browser
  • Clears browsing history
  • Suppresses context menu and scripting error messages on Web pages
  • Navigates back to the home page after a configurable idle period
  • Monitors available memory
  • Schedules kiosk shutdown and restarts
  • Notifies via email about the application activity
  • Protects settings and configuration with password