Web Browser

The Web Browser module allows to display web pages in the InfoTouch application. The module can be used as the action after a button pressing or as the default module (startup module).

infokiosk browser

Main features:

  • Customizable user interface
  • Support for three engines - Edge, Chromium and Trident (except InfoTouch Basic)
  • Filtering access to Internet resources (Whitelist and Blacklist)
  • Virtual keyboard included (except InfoTouch Basic)
  • Automatic return to the home page after idle time
  • Clearing cache and history
  • Selecting the default search engine or disabling the search
  • Displaying PDF in the application window
  • List of favorite sites
  • Sending e-mails from Websites in the application window
  • Launching external programs
  • Launching own JavaScript code after the Web site has been loaded (except InfoTouch Basic)
  • Lock displaying the context menu and script errors
  • Email notifications about the application activity
  • Reports - touch statistics, websites (allowed and blocked)
  • Accessibility for visually impaired users
    • high contrast mode
    • text zooming
    • audio messages