How to configure a button to display PDF in the Web Browser module?

Step 1

Launch the configuration tool.

Step 2

When InfoTouch Configurator has started:

  • choose User interface option (1) in the field on the left
  • choose the module you want to edit (e.g. Grid menu) from the List of available modules in the field on the right (you can also add your own Menu modules)
  • click the Edit module icon (2)
InfoTouch Configurator

Step 3

In the InfoTouch – configurator – module editor window you should:

  • select the button you want to edit (1)
  • in the right panel choose Run module from the dropdown list Action
  • choose the Web browser module from the dropdown list Module (2)
  • Click the Edit icon (3))
InfoTouch Configurator

Step 4

In the InfoTouch – configurator – Web browser window:

  • enter the PDF's' path in the Home url field or click the Edit to choose the PDF's location (4)

    Note: to hide the PDF's toolbar we recommend to add the phrase #toolbar=0&navpanes=0&scrollbar=1 at the end of this address. Make sure that added fills have been placed in the user subdirectory located in the InfoTouch installation directory (Hint: access to the subdirectory can be obtained by clicking the User folder icon on the top bar.)

  • select the Chromium engine from the Browser type dropdown list (5)
  • click the Advanced settings link to set up other settings (e.g. hiding the address bar, defining pop-up blocking rules)(6)

Step 5

In the Web Browser – Advanced Settings window:

  • uncheck the address bar is visible box (recommended option) (7)
  • uncheck the search is available box (recommended option) (8)
  • uncheck the show pdf file in its own window box (9)

Hint: you can copy all advanced settings for later use when configuring other buttons.

Step 6

Click OK button to close the windows. Next save settings and close InfoTouch Configurator.