How do to launch applications from the Windows Store?

Step 1

Install an application from the Windows Store on your PC.

Step 2

Create the shortcut (e.g. on the desktop).

Step 3

Launch the configuration tool.

Step 4

When InfoTouch Configurator has started:

  • choose User interface option (1) in the field on the left
  • choose the module you want to edit (e.g. Grid menu) from the List of available modules in the field on the right (you can also add your own Menu modules)
  • click the Edit module icon (2)
InfoTouch Configurator

InfoTouch Configurator

Step 5

In the InfoTouch – configurator – module editor window select the button you want to edit.

Step 6

In the right panel in the General tab perform the following steps:

  1. enter caption in the Title box
  2. choose the Run shortcut option from the Action dropdown list
  3. click the Browse button in the Shortcut box and enter the path to the shortcut

Step 7

Save settings and close InfoTouch Configurator