How to enable sending emails?

InfoTouch Kiosk Software allows you to send emails in a few ways:
  • using the Send E-mail module
  • using the Postcards module
  • in the silent mode (without the user interface)
To enable sending emails from the application launch the configuration tool and make these steps below.

Step 1 - Set up SMTP server parameters

Choose the E-mail option from the left menu and enter your data (e.g for Gmail)

  1. Host:
  2. Address:
  3. Port: 465 (or 587)
  4. SSL: yes
  5. login required: yes
  6. User:
  7. Password: yourpassword

InfoTouch Configurator

InfoTouch Configurator

If you would like to make a photo and send email with photos attached, you should check the box - camera is available. Next choose the camera and specify the delay time for shooting (if required).

Note: If you use your Gmail you should to login into your Google Account and enable the access for less secure apps (this option is disabled by default)

InfoTouch Configurator

Google Account settings

Step 2 - Specify the attachments and text (optionally)

InfoTouch allows you to define text and files which will be attached to emails. If you would like to use this feature, you should make these steps:

  • choose the Send email option from the left menu
  • enter the text on the right (it will be visible in the footer of each message)
  • clik the Add attachment button and add any number of files

Step 3 - Setup a buttons action

  • choose User interface option from the left menu
  • click the Add module link
  • choose the Send e-mail option from the Module dropdown list
  • enter the module name e.g. Email
  • click OK
  • choose the module you want to edit (e.g. Grid menu) from the List of available modules (you can also add your own Menu modules)
  • click the Edit module icon

InfoTouch Configurator

The window of the module's editor

In the InfoTouch – configurator – module editor:

  • select the button you want to edit
  • in the Title field on the right panel enter the button caption
  • choose Run module from the Action dropdown list
  • choose your Send e-mail module from the Module dropdown list
  • click the Edit icon on the left and set up additional parameters (if required)

Step 4

Save settings and close InfoTouch Configurator