Installation and launch

To install InfoTouch you should click the executable file (EXE) and follow the instructions.


The installation files are digitally signed by GagaSoft Ltd. The validity of the certificate can be verified in the properties of the file.

The application is installed by default in C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\InfoTouch\InfoTouch Professional (example path for InfoTouch Professsional).


Two new icons will appear on your desktop after the installation(e.g. for InfoTouch Professional):

icon InfoTouch Professional which runs the kiosk application (the main program)

icon InfoTouch Professional Configurator which runs the configuration tool


Note: If SmartScreen protection is enabled, when you start installing you may receive a message that "Windows SmartScreen filter prevented the launch of unrecognized applications ...".

In this case you should these steps:

1. Click on the word 'More info'


2. Click the 'Run anyway' button


3. Click the 'Yes' button and follow the instructions.