Welcome to the program!   

InfoTouch is the software for self-service, public kiosks (infokiosks). The modular structure of the application allows you to full customization of the user interface and adjusting the parameters of the program to individual needs.
Some basic information how to use the program you see below. If you have any specific questions do not hesistate to contact us.

config Configuration
To launch the configuration tool, you have to choose one of options below:
  • click InfoTouch Configurator icon on the desktop
  • when the main program runs, you should click the Settings icon on the top right or press the defined hotkey (default: Shift + Alt + C )
Note: If the access to the program is protected with a password, a login prompt will appear.
config Password
By default the access to the program settings has been protected with a password.
The default password is infotouch.
You can use the configuration tool to change login credentials. We recommend to change the password!
close Exit
To exit the main program, you have to press the defined hotkey (defaults: Shift + Alt + X). You can use the configuration tool to define your own hotkey.

Note: If InfoTouch works in kiosk mode, and you want to exit the main program, you should change InfoTouch kiosk mode to Windows shell.
data Export/Import
To export and import the application settings, you should put all files (eg. images, documents) in the subdirectory user located in the directory where InfoTouch Software was installed.
The application is installed by default in C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\InfoTouch\InfoTouch Professional (example path for InfoTouch Professsional).

Note: You can click the User folder icon on the top toolbar and put the files in this folder.