After purchase you will receive your license file (LICENSE) in an email message attachment. Save this file on disk and use it to register your application.

Note: If you have purchased more then one license you will receive a ZIP archive with all the license files. You have to unpack the archive and apply each license separately.

To register the trial version you should:

  • click the InfoTouch icon on the desktop
  • enter a password (default: infotouch)
  • clik the Registration button
  • in the Registration window click the Browse icon (1) and choose the path to your license file
  • click the Registration button (2)


If the license file is correct, the application will be registered after restart.

You can also register an application using the configuration tool. In this purpose you should:

  • launch InfoTouch Configurator
  • clik the Help tab
  • click the Registration icon
  • select the license file and register the application