How to enable remote management over the Internet?

Step 1 - Configure your kiosk (PC) for remote management.

Launch the configuration tool and make these steps below:

  1. Click the Remote Management icon on the top bar

    Remote management

  2. Check the enable remote management option
  3. Enter the Group ID (you received this number after purchase)
  4. Choose and set the server options up:
    - select the GagaSoft option if InfoTouch Cloud was ordered
    - enter your server URL (or IP) if Infotouch Server was ordered

    Remote management setup

  5. Click OK and close the window
  6. Click the Save icon on the top bar and close the configuration tool.


  7. Launch the main program e.g. InfoTouch Professional

Step 2 - Install and launch InfoTouch WEB Configurator on the admin PC

Click the executable file (e.g. itProfessionalWEBConfigSetup.exe) and follow the instructions. Next click the icon on the desktop to launch the program.


Step 3 - Sign in to InfoTouch Web Configurator

3. 1. Enter the following credentials:

  • User: admin
  • Password: admin

3.2. Click the Setup Remote Access icon and make these steps below

  • Enter your Group ID (as in your kiosk)
  • Choose the server option
  • Click the Login button


Step 4 - Register InfoTouch WEB Configurator

When the application starts, register it using your license file (e.g. ProfessionalWEBConfig.license). To learn more about the registration, please see HERE

Step 5 - Add managed kiosks

After the program launching, click the icon Kiosks on the top menu and add kiosks using their serial numbers.