How to filter the Internet access?

The Web browser can be used in one of two ways:

In both cases you can allow or deny access to certain pages or URLs.

Step 1

Launch the configuration tool.

Step 2

When a Web browser runs as the default module you should:

  • choose the User interface option (1) in the field on the left
  • click the Edit module icon (2) in the field on the right
InfoTouch Configurator

When a Web browser launches after a button pressing on the screen you should set up filtering parameters while you edit a button.

InfoTouch Configurator

Step 3

Click the Advanced settings link in the Web browser window

InfoTouch Configurator

Step 4

In the Web browser - Advanced settings window:

  • Choose the Filtering tab (1)
  • Choose a method of filtering from the dropdown list (2)

Note: You have to select White List or Black List to restrict the browsing area. These options are exclusive.

InfoTouch Configurator

White list

When the White list option has been selected only URLs matching one of the patterns on this list are allowed. All other URLs are blocked.

A pattern can be a domain or part of a domain. http:// or https:// prefixes are not required. A wildcard * symbol is allowed. The wildcard matches any sequence of characters. For example, *yourname* patterns match all of the following URLs:

Note: A regular expression is a sequence of characters. Regular expressions can be used to define a search pattern. You can learn more about allowed regular expressions used by InfoTouch here.

White List

Black list

The Black list option means that all URLs matching the defined pattern are forbiden and all other URLs are allowed.

White List

Both While List and While List options allow additional actions when a blocked URL is accessed:

  • play a sound
  • log an event (if an event is to be logged, the Block page box in the Event recorder option needs to be checked)
  • message display mode
  • message display time

Note: The program allows personalization (settings in the The message window to block access section) of blocked page access messages: background images and sounds.

Step 5

Save settings and close InfoTouch Configurator