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InfoTouch Basic

InfoTouch Basic is a Web browser for public Internet kiosks. You can choose between two browsers engines: Internet Explorer or Chromium. The application controls access to the Internet, generates usage statistics and protects public computers from unwanted manipulation by end users.

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InfoTouch Professional

InfoTouch Professional includes all InfoTouch Basic features. This is an advanced and reliable solution for self-service public kiosks and displays. The software allows for an easy and secure display of different kinds of information in public spaces such as libraries, schools, universities, museums, etc.

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Remote Management

kiosk lan

Management over the local network

Managing kiosks over the local network requires InfoTouch LAN Configurator. This software allows you to manage any number of kiosks running InfoTouch Professional or InfoTouch Basic from any computer on the local network (LAN). You can download the settings from a kiosk or import any settings file and then send commands to one, several or all kiosks at the same time.

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kiosk internet

Management over the Internet

You can remotely monitor and manage your InfoTouch kiosks from any computer with Internet connection. The functionality does not require permanent IP - both kiosk and managing computer may have a dynamically assigned IP address. In order to increase system security managing kiosks over the Internet requires using of the additional application - InfoTouch WEB Configurator.

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