InfoTouch Professional is an advanced and reliable solution for self-service public kiosks and displays. The software protects public computers against any kind of unwanted manipulation by end users, monitors the kiosk, generates usage statistics and allows for an easy and secure display of different kinds of information in public spaces such as libraries, schools, universities, museums, etc.
InfoTouch Professional includes all InfoTouch Basic features.

InfoTouch Professional allows you to:

  • Display websites in a secure Web browser
  • Create personalized start pages and navigation screens
  • Show photo galleries
  • Play movies
  • Play sounds
  • Send emails
  • Read incoming messages
  • Send multimedia postcards
  • View documents (e.g. PDF)
  • Create personalized multi-level menus
  • Run external programs
With InfoTouch Professional you can easily create interactive multimedia presentations. No programming skills are required. Convenient and intuitive configuration tool allows you to fully customize the user interface to suit your needs, e.g. change the background, edit buttons, define modules available for users. Presented content can be updated not only locally at the terminal, but also remotely via a local area network and over the Internet.

Price: € 199.00

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