You can remotely monitor and manage your InfoTouch kiosks from any computer with the Internet connection. The functionality does not require permanent IP - both kiosk and managing computer may have a dynamically assigned IP address. Management and monitoring of kiosks can be performed by users with different permission levels. The application also allows you to create and manage groups of kiosks. You can download the settings from a kiosk or import any settings file and then send commands to one, several or all kiosks at the same time.


Managing kiosks over the Internet requires using the additional application - InfoTouch WEB Configurator. In order to increase system security InfoTouch WEB Configurator is the 'Windows Desktop' application, which cannot be run in a web browser.

We offer remote management services in two options :

  1. InfoTouch Cloud (lease) 

    Services run on our servers at a low yearly fee per kiosk. All server infrastructure operated by us is a very convenient solution because it frees the customer from server maintenance tasks.

  2.  InfoTouch Server Software (purchase)

    You can purchase a license (one-time fee) for the InfoTouch Server software and install it on your own server. The price includes 12 months of free support (Note: only for InfoTouch Server, support for Windows Server is not included).

System Requirements for InfoTouch Server

Operating system: Windows Server 2012
Database system: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Express, Standard, Enterprise)
Components: .NET Framework 4
Webserver: Microsoft IIS 7
FTP: FTP account for applications. Remote access, passive mode.
CPU: Intel or AMD x86 CPU at >2,5 GHz
RAM: 2 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Harddrive: 50 GB or larger


Note: System requirements for InfoTouch WEB Configurator are the same as for InfoTouch LAN Configurator