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InfoTouch Basic

InfoTouch Professional

User interface
Web Browser module
Document Viewer module  
Menu module  
Grid Menu module  
Video Player module  
Fullscreen video player module  
Photo Gallery module  
Send Email module  
Read Email module  
Postcards module  
List module  
Camera support  
Virtual on-screen keyboard  
Standalone presentations (video, image, text) on a secondary screen  
Sharing the main screen between presentation and kiosk software  
Web Browser
Browser's engine - Trident (Internet Explorer)
Support for two engines - Trident and Chromium  
Filtering access to Internet resources
Automatic return to the home page after idle time
Clearing cache and history
Customizable user interface
Configuring toolbar location  
Selecting the default search engine or disabling the search
Displaying PDF into the application window
List of favourite sites
Sending emails from Websites in the application window
Launching external programs
Launching own JavaScript after loading a website  
Screensaver types
.scr file
Photo gallery
Presentations (Digital Signage Solution)  
Touch statistics
Application events
Internet (allowed and blocked Web sites)
 General settings
Auto-start and secure shell replacement
Automatic return to the home page after idle time
Ability to run any application on InfoTouch Kiosk Software startup
Support for multiple languages
Hiding a mouse cursor
Disabling a mouse right button
Defining parameters of the application window, e.g. margins, the location
Support for multiple monitors
Software WatchDog
Hiding taskbar
Hiding desktop icons  
Free memory control
Blocking system keys like Windows key, Ctrl-Esc, etc
Blocking option available after pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del
Blocking applications and program options like Open, Save as..., etc.
Scheduled restarts and shutdown
Email notifications about terminal activity
Audio settings
Disabling task manager  
Blocking CMD  
Disabling registry editor  
Blocking access to drivers  
Blocking run applications  
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